Mapspire is the new, revolutionary way of organizing and sharing your travel memories


It’s at the heart of our travel blogging service, specially designed for travelers to share their very best memories from every trip they make. Whether you’re exploring the world or sightseeing in your own hometown, our easy interface lets you connect your travel tips with an interactive map that the whole world can see and comment on.

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Mapspire offers a searchable database, so users can find each other’s maps based on location or keywords. We also let readers follow our storytellers virtually, giving friends and family a clear window into where you’ve been and what you’ve discovered on your travels. So go ahead and flex your writing muscles, as you increase your following and build a world full of great destinations.

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If Facebook is for status updates, and Instagram is your virtual photo album, then Mapspire is your #1 resource for giving and receiving travel tips. Your journey to easy blogging, worldwide interaction and cash rewards starts here.

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